From town to town

The region of Rioja Alavesa consists of 15 municipalities and 24 pretty villages and towns that share the common connection of having close links to the world of wine.

Together they make up an attractive mosaic of villages with extraordinary heritage resources, historic city centres, cellars with personality, friendly people, and landscapes that place the traveller in a land that has made wine and culture, its raison d´être.

Places that never fail to amaze for their beauty and history, and where it is easy to find medieval fortresses, emblazoned houses and Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical buildings.

Some localities hide authentic "underground cities" made up of wineries and underground cellars. A fascinating hidden underground world, where wines are still produced by hand.

Noteworthy among the municipalities of the Rioja Alavesa Wine Route is Laguardia, capital of the area, it stands tall and proud at the top of a hill. It is a small picturesque town of narrow cobblestone streets, with that touch of medieval distinction in its old walls to impassion travellers arriving here. Despite having only 1,500 inhabitants, it’s huge hotel, gastronomic and service infrastructure is second to none, proving its importance as a tourist attraction. It has recently been regarded as the "Best Wine Tourism Municipality“ by "Wine Routes of Spain" and is also part of "The Most Beautiful Villages in Spain".

The Rioja Alavesa Wine Route boasts other beautiful, interesting towns such as Labastida, Elciego, Oyón, Villabuena, Elvillar, Baños de Ebro or Lapuebla de Labarca.