• Church of San Millán.
  • Festival of Thanksgiving. September.
  • Festivals in honour of Santa Bárbara. December 4.

The village of Barriobusto is located in the depths of a narrow valley. During our walk through its streets, the tall mountains that loom on each side force us to concentrate our gaze on the stately mansions, some of which were built in the 18th century. It still preserves its ancient oil presses; despite the face that they are no longer in operation, you can imagine the process of extracting the so-called "green gold" from the olives.

The church of San Millán is the most modern, built at the beginning of the nineteenth century and boasts an altarpiece from the seventeenth century that was brought from the monastery of San Prudencio on Mount Laturce (La Rioja).

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