• Church of San Martín
  • Dolmen of Sotillo
  • La Lombilla winery district
  • Festivities of San Roque. The week of August 16
  • Festivities of San Martin. November
  • Las Mañas. December 7

Located on a crossroads, the village has Renaissance style 16th century homes festooned with coats of arms, as well as other splendid buildings. The Parish Church of San Martín has a doorway dating from the time of Queen Isabel, a neoclassical altarpiece and a beautiful star-shaped dome.

Most of the wineries in Leza are located on the “Lombilla”, a small hill to the east of the village. These were dug out of the ground and were used for processing excellent wines until gradually, over the years, they were replaced by more functional buildings, but without the charm of those ancient wineries.

In the neighbouring area you can visit the El Sotillo and Layaza dolmens, vestiges of the men and women who lived in this region in prehistoric times. Very near Leza, one can climb the Herrera mountain pass, to the Balcón de la Rioja. From here one can get wonderful views of a large part of the area covered by the Appellation d´Origine.

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