• Festivities for San Blas on February 3
  • Festivities for San Clemente on November 23
  • Church Our Lady of the Assumption
  • The mansion of Juan Ortiz de Zarate

The most important features of the small village of Páganos are the church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, with its Renaissance doorway and altarpiece, and the mansion of Juan Ortiz de Zárate, of reddish stone and with a coat of arms on which one can read “El mundo es ansí”, the title of a novel by Pío Baroja. Ortiz de Zárate was secretary of the Inquisition in Zaragoza and later, Inquisitor in Cartagena (Peru) and Bishop of Salamanca.

On the outskirts of the village and on the road to Laguardia do not miss the dolmen of San Martín. If you visit Páganos on February 3, the day of San Blas, patron saint of the village, you will see the most primitive traditional dance of the whole region, the “chulalai”. It is also traditional to drink “hot wine”, a drink made with boiled wine, lemon, sugar and cinnamon.

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