Near Rioja Alavesa

In addition to the attractions available in this district, in Basque Country stand out, among others, the three provincial capitals.

Vitoria-Gasteiz, capital of Basque Country, is a 40 minutes drive, with a Green Ring that is ideal for hiking routes. In a bit more than one hour Bilbao can be reached, to enjoy the traditional txikiteo (drop-in wine bars) in its “7 Streets”.

Another option, less than two hours away, is to discover the miniature cuisine of Donostia-San Sebastián, lovingly called “La Bella Easo” for its unique beauty.  


Why not!


  • Visit the “Medieval Quarters” of Vitoria-Gasteiz, which preserves its original outline and will enable you to learn of the rich history of the Basque capital thanks to the various civil buildings, palaces, tower houses, museums, and temples from various periods up to the Europa Congress Palace, model of the sustainable architecture. This city has a strong commitment to the environment and to sustainable development and was designated the Green Capital of Europe.
  • Discover a global example of urban development; the transformation from an industrial city to a cultural and service-based city; from a dull enclave in decline to a cosmopolitan and designer city. In Bilbao, take a tour from the Old Quarters to the Euskalduna Palace, admiring the contrast between tradition and modernity, where the greatest example is the Guggenheim Museum, designed by the renowned architect Frank O. Ghery.
  • A stroll along Concha Bay in Donostia-San Sebastián, as the nobility used to do during their holidays in the late 19th century, contemplating the magnificent mansions and residences from that period, such as the Miramar Palace, will uncover the most “Belle Époque” aspect of this city. It was designated the European Capital of Culture thanks to its impressive cultural programme, the highlight of which is the San Sebastián International Film Festival.