Unique Experiences in Rioja Alavesa

Rioja Alavesa is a land that lives for wine. Feel the passion for wine in our wineries and establishments guided by those who live it out on a daily basis, such as winemakers and oenologists. You will discover a world of intense emotions from the vine to the bottle. You will live unique experiences, amazing suggestions to dive into. Get to know firsthand the secrets kept by the Rioja Alavesa wines and then you will understand the origin of its quality and renown. Be a winemaker for a day! Are you up for it?   


Passion for wine



Why not!

  • Visit any of the family wineries of Rioja Alavesa, guided by the owner, who will transmit not only the working methods, but also a way of life.
  • A visit to the winery tasting wines directly from the tanks and / or the barrel.
  • Vineyard activities guided by the winery owner, lunch in the vineyard, live out a real day´s work.
  • Prepare your own wine after a visit, where they will explain the qualities of the different varieties used in Rioja Alavesa.
  • Distinguish the effects of French oak barrels compared to American oak barrels, or the nuances of the various toast flavours by tasting the wine straight from the barrels.
  • Sample our white and rosé wines that are not as well-known but have the potential to surprise a wine expert like you.
  • Pair a red wine with fish, a white wine with meat, or rosé wine with cured meat to experience new combinations.
  • Enjoy the pleasure of vertical and horizontal tasting sessions, where you will learn more about winemaking processes and the time the wine spends in a bottle.