Underground cellars in Rioja Alavesa

We suggest a tour of the best kept secrets of our towns and villages: the historical underground cellars. These are man-made underground cellars created in our towns and villages to preserve wines. They also contain the wisdom and history that has forged the passion of this generous land.

You will enter into cellars dug into the ground several meters deep that maintain temperature and humidity conditions practically constant throughout the year, making it the perfect place to keep our fine wines. Here you will find the traditional methods of winemaking and many curiosities that will make you appreciate and understand what is behind a glass of wine from Rioja Alavesa.


 History and art around wine



Why not!

  • Visit some of the wineries that have historical underground cellars or visit some others that still retain hold onto their family underground cellar to taste wines directly from the tank and/or the barrel.
  • Enjoy a dramatized visit in a historic underground cellar (prior booking).
  • Take a group photo in one of the historical underground cellars.
  • Discover the tools and utensils used in the “maceration” process of whole grapes in concrete tanks.
  • Enjoy a few wines and pintxos in one of the underground cellars, which are today leisure spaces in some of our establishments (wine bars, restaurants, wine shops, etc.).
  • Arrange a group meal in one of the underground cellars designed for that purpose.