Rioja Alavesa Architecture

Whether you are passionate about architecture or just a fan of its beauty, in Rioja Alavesa you can make an extraordinary journey to contemplate stunning architecture. From the traditional to the cutting edge buildings of the most prestigious architects, like Iñaki Aspiazu, Frank Gehry, Santiago Calatrava or Phillipe Mazières.

We invite you to explore our locations, buildings and cellars, where you will find picturesque towns and villages, medieval towns with fortresses and walled enclosures, stately manors, impressive emblazoned houses, churches in silent beauty and many more treasures. Discover too our wineries and incredible buildings marked by the beauty of unique architectural features only to be found in Rioja Alavesa.


The cathedrals of wine

Why not!

  • Visit our picturesque villages such as Salinillas de Buradón or Labraza, which are authentic medieval villages with fortresses and walled enclosures, once used for defensive purposes.
  • Find the hidden treasures of the area: discover the wineries located in underground cellars and check out their subterranean nature.
  • Discover the Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical buildings found in the towns and villages of the region of Rioja Alavesa.
  • Visit some of the prehistoric remains (dolmens, the Celtiberian pond, prehistoric villages...).
  • Visit Laguardia where you will find one of the most important polychrome Gothic porticos in Spain in the Church of Santa Maria de los Reyes.
  • Stay in a unique hotel, such as the Viura Hotel, created by Designhouses, in collaboration with the architect Beatriz Pérez Echazarreta. The hotel comprises whimsically superimposed cubes appearing to surge forcefully (as if it were a game of shapes), next to the village church.
  • Visit wineries that are real architectural gems. Besides enjoying the world of wine, you can observe unique buildings, real cathedrals of wine designed by internationally renowned architects.