Rioja Alavesa in autumn

After the hectic harvest period, autumn is a haven of peace and tranquillity. This is an excellent period to enjoy Rioja Alavesa, a much more welcoming climate that invites us to disconnect from the madding crowd, and especially to enjoy amazing scenery at this time of year period.

Once the vines have given their precious fruit as the autumn season progresses, the days grow shorter, the vines, and in particular their leaves begin to acquire different shades, including yellows, greens, reds and ochres, the prelude to the end of their annual life cycle.

Why not!

  • Walk among vineyards and look for different viewpoints to add those picture-postcard scenes to your collection, especially the sunsets.
  • Tour the vineyard to see how the fruit has been collected and there are always a few bunches to pick to taste their ripe grapes.
  • Visit our cellars in full swing, to see how the fermentation of musts is coming along and check how they are getting the first wines.
  • Create photo stories checking out the incredible mosaic of natural colours that make up the vineyards.
  • Collect different coloured vine shoots to make a mural at home.
  • Experience the atmosphere of drop-in wine bars (ir de potes) and enjoy the best gastronomy of Rioja Alavesa.
  • Visit some of our oil presses, which open their doors towards the end of autumn to allow you to witness the olive harvest and the production process of that extra virgin olive oil that is so typical of Rioja Alavesa.
  • Enjoy the unique experience of tasting the arroniz variety of extra virgin olive oil and discover its advantages compared to other types of oil.
  • Hike through the district on any of our GRs or local circular routes.