Rioja Alavesa during harvest

The harvest is the most important moment of the year for our wineries and the most special for enjoying wine tourism. If you want to find out the wine-making process first hand, from the bunch to the bottle, discover Rioja Alavesa at harvest time.

At harvest time experience the Rioja Alavesa in its full glory.

Why not!

  • Take part in harvesting activities in the vineyard (both during the day and at night-time; night harvest).
  • Take a photo with a team of harvesters or with a basket of grapes.
  • Contemplate the grape ripeness control process by the wine-making teams, in search of the most ideal moment of the harvest.
  • Visit wineries in full swing, check out the arrival of the tractors, the grape selection process and its entry into the winery.
  • Take part in grapes and first musts tastings, observing the differences between the different varieties of grapes.
  • It is the time of the year for a few wines in our towns and villages filled with the aroma of must.
  • Experience some unique wine tourism activities.  
  • Take part in the Harvest Festival which takes place each year in September in a different town of Rioja Alavesa.