Villa Lucía Centro Temático del Vino

The museum is located on land belonging to the family of the writer of fables, Samaniego. The Centre, equipped with the latest technological systems, occupies a surface area of 2400 sq m.

The museum contains exhibits that set out the history and rituals of wine in a very enjoyable manner: audiovisual effects, virtual testing of the aroma of wine, mockups, etc. It offers a large number of rooms for meetings and a restaurant where it is possible to book weedings and all types of celebrations. The hotel offers a number of different wine tourism activities and "Initiation courses to wine tasting" every Saturday throughout the year. It is surrounded by a botanical garden with shrubs and spices brought here from all over the world.

In 2011 it was renovated and opened a new 4D room where, with a spectacular short 3D film and multiple effects, guests are able to discover the region.

 It has won, among other awards, the Best Of International Great Wine Capitals 2011 award.

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