• Nuestra Señora de la Antigua.
  • Chapel and Festividad of San Cristóbal. July 10.
  • Festivals of the patron San Barlolomé. August 24.

Since Roman times, this village has been an important crossing place on the river Ebro. Among the many wineries that exist in the village, some still conserve parts of the original Roman structures. Do not miss the church of Nuestra Señora de la Antigua. Its construction began in the 16th century and its doorway is representative of the decadent baroque style. The image after which the church is named is in the Romanesque-Gothic "Andra Mari" style.

A visit to the chapel of San Cristóbal, which offers views of the entire village, is well worth the trouble. The festivals in honour of this saint, who is highly revered in this region, are held on July 10. From the beginning of the 20th-century and until recently, a life-size dummy representing the figure of Judas used to be burnt on Good Friday. In this festival, the young men of the village, disguised as Roman soldiers, used to pursue Judas through the streets.

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Medieval centre Medieval centre