Racimo Tren

You can also enjoy the Racimo Tren (Grape Train), a tourist train that will help you discover the secrets of wine, the landscapes and medieval towns of Rioja Alavesa.

The train departs from Portal de Páganos, a viewpoint from where you can enjoy the typical landscape of a worldclass wine-making region. We shall take routes that lead to family wineries and architectural gems, to archaeological sites, to lagoons where you can spot vast numbers of birds....

In addition to this tour, we offer customized tours: transfers to hotels, tasting sessions, brunch, lunch, tea or dinners.

Anything that comes to mind will be made possible on the Racimo Train.

Tickets: On the train. Maximum capacity: 40 people. 

Price: Adults: € 5. Children: € 3. Special rates for groups.


Servicios de Racimo Tren