Restaurante Taberna-Asador Castillo El Collado

You can enjoy your lunches or dinners in rooms of exceptional beauty, surrounded by gardens of Paseo del Collado and in a pleasant and intimate atmosphere, combining the magic of the service offered by the chef, Javier,
and reinforced by the excellent range of dishes on offer at Restaurant Castillo el Collado.

The restaurant comprises three rooms decorated with Arab-style ceramic antiques and artisans' work on the ceiling of great artistic value, which ensure the diner who is waiting to enjoy the extensive menu of traditional Basque and Riojan dishes is suitably nourished beforehand with the fine play of light and colours with which these rooms are decorate

The premises consists of a cellar-type dining room located on the ground floor of the building and surrounded by the gardens of the Paseo del Collado - an appropriate place for children to play while they are waiting for their parents to finish their table talk.


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